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Add a Page using Add It



  • Linda Pfaff

    If a page has already been published, but now is edited and saved as a draft, can only the author see the changes in that version, or can all owners see those changes? How can an author share a draft page with other approvers for viewing before publishing it? We were able to do this our prior SW.

  • Peter Harrison

    Hi Linda, thanks for your question!

    This behaviour will depend on the settings for the library you're working in. If you go to the Library Settings, then Versioning settings, you'll be able to see the configuration under the Draft Item Security heading.

    As long as you have Approval turned on (at the top of the same config screen) you'll be able to set the Draft security so that only the editor and the approvers can see the draft.

    The easiest way for a user to then share the draft with approvers is to simply copy the link to the page and share it via Teams chat. You could also set up workflow using Power Automate to do this automatically. We have an article on Zendesk which explains how to set this up if you'd like to go down that route: Request approval in Teams for a selected item in SharePoint – Atlas by ClearPeople (

    I hope that helps.


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