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Client Knowledge Sharing Sessions are coming !!



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    Patrick Proesmans

    Summary bullet points - session 23 April 2024

    I'd like to provide a short resume of the main bullet points touched on during our first session and provide some guidance, tips and/or planned actions to help resolve the reported challenges.

    How to find content that is out of date?

    A common issue almost every participant confirmed as a challenge and off course very valid.
    Atlas has some metadata fields you might want to leverage in trying to get the grips on this:
    1. Reference Date
    2. Status
    3. Primary Author(s)
    4. Contributing Author(s)
    Reference Date and Status can clearly be helpful when analysing content but also the fact of being able to understand who to connect to, and question if content is still relevant, can be very useful.
    Via analytic tools, or even with basic SharePoint filtering, you should than be able to identify possibly outdated content in a fairly simple way. You can consider workflows to put some automation in place and pass the content for example true a review process.

    Identify who's the owner of a workspace

    Several participants raised this challenge, and we need to approach this from 2 perspectives.
    First there is the "owner" which is purely a matter of permissions and secondly you have the "owner" of a workspace from a business perspective, somebody probably responsible for the content in that specific workspace.
    Managing the owners from a permissions point of view is purely an IT related activity. Reports on this can be pulled, probably by your IT team, via analytic tools.
    The owners from a business perspective are a far more difficult exercise. You could indicate the owner in one of the standard metadata fields (like "primary author(s)") and that would allow you to use analytic tools again for reporting but it's something that mainly depends on your internal governance processes. At the end it's still a field that will need to be maintained in a manual way when somebody changes roles, leaves the company...

    How to find and remove inactive users

    This is a discussion around the use of content targeting, AD Groups and conditional access policies as well.
    Within Atlas we have now Team sites without Teams and that template was created as an option specifically to get this problem resolved. If it is an option for you, you should consider migrating existing sites to this new template and make sure to only use this new template going forward.

    Something I will add to Atlas Feedback already as a new request is providing a way to do ConneX reporting and maybe we can try to investigate an option for automatic removal of inactive users. Keep an eye out for my Atlas Feedback request and vote for the request to get it prioritised into our Atlas roadmap 😉


    Mandatory Reads - Provide a report to identify who did NOT go through the MR instead of who did

    There are a few proposals related to Mandatory Reads like providing a report to identify who did not go through a mandatory read instead of those who did. Another scenario, which is already in Atlas feedback, is a scenario where you use a mandatory read to have a user accept terms and conditions before being able to access the workspace. We'd highly recommend you vote for this because the client votes define if a request is added into the Atlas backlog and with what priority. 
    This is maybe something worth reminding because before a feature lands in the roadmap it needs to have support from multiple clients. So, IMPORTANT, as we now have our Atlas Community available to you, use it to share your feature requests, give a short insight in what your request is about, and try to convince other Atlas clients to vote for your feature request. If your feature request gets votes from other clients it is very likely to land inside our roadmap!


    Improve the launchpad

    Several participants were questioning the search box which is currently a fixed item inside the launchpad. Another topic was the fact that the launchpad might take up too much space and maybe the number of items should be limited.
    For sure these are all valid remarks and the search box, for example, can maybe become a configurable item where you can decide if you want it as part of the launchpad experience or not.
    I'd highly recommend adding these topics into Atlas Feedback as formal client requests, flag it inside our Atlas Community and invite other clients to vote your idea.
    Keep in mind that the launchpad items are personalised / permission trimmed and not all users see the same number of items in the launchpad.


    How to control UX and avoid somebody with permissions starts messing with the layout

    An extremely tricky and difficult thing to control but one of our participants who used UX/UI sessions to ensure the designs are right to begin with and that resulted into less people trying to get creative 🙂 Spending the correct amount of time on your templates is very important to make sure you have a UX staff find workable.
    Information, education and communication are probably some key words here. Everybody with edit permission on layout should understand what the company directives are when it comes to layout, why a certain look and feel has been chosen, and where the flexibility (if any) ends in terms of changing page designs.

    As a closing note I'd like to already ask you to keep an eye out for our next session which probably will be end June 2024. Now this first session has proven its value we'll open up the initiative to our whole client base and we'll invite all clients to join.
    Next to that I'd highly recommend you to start using our Atlas Community as your knowledge sharing platform and don't even wait for the sessions we organise if you have any questions, suggestions or challenges you want to share or discuss with other Atlas clients.

    Hope to see you all here in the community and in our next session!
  • Stephanie Wilson

    Hi Patrick...Looking forward to these sessions. 

    Is anyone else interested in any of these topics:

    • Site governance
    • Updated UX and UI across multiple device types
    • Knowledge management systems
    • Better adoption of newly released enhancements (are we the only ones with complacent site owners?)
    • Preparing for AI
  • Holly Bayliss

    Hi Patrick. Thank you. Topics I'd be interested in:

    1. Atlas maturity
    2. Managing the Atlas product 
    3. How using workspaces
    4. How search is performing
    5. Personalisation maturity 
    6. How integrating with other M365 products, and non-Microsoft products
    7. Challenges internally with managing and growing Atlas 
  • Lizzie Gabriel

    Hi Patrick, 

    We are looking forward to these sessions. Topics we would be interested in;

    • Site Governance
    • Roles & Responsibilities- focusing on Site Owners (who are your Site Owners? What do you expect from them?)
    • MFA - are you seeing issues like we are?
    • Your support structures- who creates and configures your workspaces? Who provides best practice advice and support?
    • How do you see yourselves using AI within Client facing portals?
    • Templates- how many do you have? When do you create a new one? 
    • How do you 'sell/position' client facing portals internally?
    • Sharing experiences- what has worked well for you? What hasn't worked soo well? 
    • Power Automate- experiences? 
    • UI/UX what has worked well? Best practice?
  • Patrick Proesmans

    Client Knowledge Sharing Session on April 23rd at 3 PM (UTC+1)

    Dear Valued Clients,

    We are excited to invite you to our upcoming Client Knowledge Sharing Session scheduled for April 23rd at 3 PM (UTC+1). These sessions are designed to foster collaboration and provide valuable insights into pertinent topics within our industry.

    For our inaugural session, we will delve into the crucial subject of "Site Governance in combination with a constantly growing and improving Atlas." As the digital landscape evolves and our platform continues to expand, understanding effective site governance becomes paramount. We'll explore your strategies to maintain order, ensure compliance, and optimize the utilization of our evolving Atlas platform.

    This session offers an excellent opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, share experiences, and interact with industry peers. Whether you're seeking insights to streamline operations or enhance your digital presence, this session promises to deliver actionable information.

    Please mark your calendars for April 23rd at 3 PM (UTC+1) and watch out for the invitation that will be landing in your mailbox.

    We look forward to your participation and meaningful contributions to this enriching discussion.

    Best regards,

  • Patrick Proesmans

    Thank You for Your Participation in Our Client Knowledge Sharing Session

    Dear clients

    On behalf of our team, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your active participation in our recent Client Knowledge Sharing Session. Your engagement and valuable insights made this first session truly exceptional.

    We hope you found the discussion on "Site Governance in combination with a constantly growing and improving Atlas" as informative and valuable as we did. Your feedback and the challenges you flagged during the session as well as your feedback on how you tackled those challenges are invaluable to us. Rest assured, we're already working on providing global guidance based on the discussions and I'll be communicating that soon.

    We encourage you to continue the conversation and collaboration in this Atlas Community. It's an online forum and a perfect place for you to ask for help, provide feedback, list your challenges, propose new functionality, and collaborate with fellow clients. Helping each other will only benefit to everybody and will make sure you all get the best out of Atlas.

    Thank you once again for your contribution, this first session clearly showed it's value and we look forward to seeing you at our future sessions.

    Best regards,

  • Zainab Sayed

    Hello Patrick-Proesmans,

    Was this session recorded anywhere for reference? I'm interested in the topic and regret that I missed it.




  • Patrick Proesmans

    Hi Zainab Sayed
    Unfortunately we have not been recording the call but for sure this will be done for future calls and we will be sharing the recording to all participants and maybe here in the community.
    I've tried to summarise what has been discussed but please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you want to have a chat and we'll organise something for us to catch up

    Kind regards,

  • Patrick Proesmans

    As promised I have introduce "ConneX Reporting" into Atlas feedback.
    Request | Feedback (

    Remember to go and vote because it's the number of client votes that will influence if a feature will land into Atlas or not.


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