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You are invited to join our second Client Knowledge Sharing Session on June 17th!



  • Patrick Proesmans

    Thank you to all clients that took the time to join our second session. Unfortunately Monday's seem to be challenging for some clients and we'll keep that in mind for our future sessions. 
    Next to clients who are live on Atlas and in support, next time we'll also invite clients still busy implementing Atlas as a lot of feedback and knowledge sharing might be beneficial to them too.

    Here a summary of yesterday's session

    On one side there are the people in charge of the Term Store that understand the overall setup and the different terms as the have to overall view, on the other side there are the content editors their challenge is to understand what the existing terms are and when to use what term.
    Grant gave some global advice "legal" free taxonomies
    There are other options, such as industry codes, SIC, and other standards available. Plus paid for services. We can support these and often find people tend to review for thought but focus on what is relevant to them,

    We also recommend creating an Atlas details list to review how 'well' your content is tagged. Helps start to inform what is used/useful to inform decisions on what is required.

    Grant also shared the Knowledge Base template when the conversation moved a bit to the knowledge template we currently provide within Atlas.

    AI in your organisation
    It turned out that in fact all participants are looking into AI already in one or the other way.
    Some are implementing their own AI solutions; others are testing things like Microsoft Copilot. All are still in an experimental phase (which is totally normal) and things like security, accuracy and costs are being assessed.
    This generally shows the huge hype currently ongoing around AI but it's also very clear that almost everybody at some point will be using AI although security and relevance are 2 very important criteria.
    Everybody wants to make sure the experience for the end user is good enough, in such a way that whatever the AI comes up with as a response is correct and relevant, but on the other hand each organisation also wants to make sure that no organisational data is spread without meaning to.

    An interesting resource to watch might be this recording of the webinar we organised a few weeks ago.


    We have recorded the session and I'll share the recording by default with all participants but if you have not been able to join you can reach out to me if you want to receive the recording.

    Next session

    The next session will be somewhen after holidays in September but already now you can flag any topics you'd like to discuss on that session.
  • Stephanie Wilson

    Thanks, Patrick. We are currently doing a rigorous review of our current taxonomy. This is helping us to determine where we may have some training gaps and what terms may need to be sunset. It's also a good opportunity to consider how our business is continuing to evolve and what other terms should be added to the term store going forward. I'll check out these resources.


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